Sunglasses are an absolute must for summer. However, it is important to take good care of them and keep them clean. Gentle cleaning of sunglasses can help extend their life. Many people have a habit of cleaning smudges on their glasses with a t-shirt or other piece of clothing. This is wrong because dust particles and other dirt will stick to the clothing and can scratch the lenses. Paper tissues are not suitable either. Glasses should always be cleaned using liquid, it is not enough to just puff on them and wipe them in a microfibre cloth. So how to clean them thoroughly and gently?

Use water

Wash the glasses under lukewarm water, they will be clean and free from any mechanical damage. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning, avoid using creams. 

Clean the frame first and then the glass

The frame usually has the most grease, dust and other dirt on it because it directly touches your face, so clean that first. Then polish the actual glass. After rinsing them thoroughly in water, use a microfiber cloth that doesn't let in textile particles to polish them. You can also use damp cloths that are specially designed for cleaning glass and also mobile phones. They are also great for travel when you don't have the option to wash your glasses under water. If your glasses have a lot of detail, let them dry properly first and then polish them. 

Clean the frame first and then the glass

Some cleaners can be abrasive because they contain salt, which can scratch and ultimately destroy the glass. Sea water is also unsuitable for them, so take care on holiday.

"You can also use wet wipes that are specially designed for cleaning glass and also mobile phones."

Another popular cleaner is vinegar, it cleans any dirt without any problems. But definitely don't use it on sunglasses! Anything that contains ammonia, bleach or vinegar destroys the layer that protects your vision from UV rays. 

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