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Why is it important to protect your eyesight?

Do not underestimate the choice of quality sunglasses. People often buy sunglasses for the pretty design and don't care that much about sun protection. The fact is that nice but poor quality sunglasses...
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Blue light blocking glasses

The current era full of modern technologies has its downsides. People who spend many hours a day looking at their PC or smartphone start to feel tired and irritable after a while. Often...
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How to clean glasses and not damage them?

Sunglasses are an absolute must for summer. However, it is important to take good care of them and keep them clean. Gentle cleaning of sunglasses can help extend their life. Many people have...
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Eye diseases: what is astigmatism

Eye diseases are neglected by people in many cases. Today we will take a closer look at an eye disease called astigmatism, which is suffered by a really large number of people. What is it actually about? Astigmatism is a disorder of the eye,...
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